Electric Table Top Pasta Cookers & Rethermalizers

Desco USA_table_top_pasta_cooker

The B3 and B6 are the two table top pasta cooker models that Desco USA offers to it's customers. Use these units for small scale production or for rethermalization of precooked pasta—perfect for a cafeteria setting!

The B6 table top pasta cooker offers almost all of the same features as Desco USA's full size cookers. Like the full size units (CPG and CPG Plus lines), the B6 incorporates a very effective starch skimming system that keeps the cooking water starch-free, thereby eliminating the need to periodically change the cooking water and ensuring a more consistent end product.

The B3 table top pasta cooker is a smaller, fully manual unit that requires no water or drain connections. The unit must be filled and drained manually.

These table top cookers are engineered in accordance to Desco USA's standards of excellence. Their simple, yet effective design make these units perfect for the user that does not have the need or the space for a full size pasta cooker.