About Desco USA

Over 20 years ago, Desco realized that for too long kitchens had been utilizing equipment that was not tailored specifically for cooking pasta. Being an Italian company with an unique understanding of what is needed to cook quality pasta, Desco set out to create a specialized piece of equipment—the pasta cooker—that ended up being the first piece of commercial kitchen equipment specifically for cooking pasta.

Desco's utmost dedication to making only the highest quality equipment was quickly noticed by kitchens across Europe. Its effective design coupled with its high manufacturing standards made Desco pasta cookers easy to use and very durable—a combination welcomed by any restaurateur. Upon realizing the high demand for this equipment in North America, Desco USA was created in 1999 to work closely with equipment dealers in an effort to provide North American kitchens with the highest quality pasta cooker available.

Recently, Desco USA realized the potential in expanding its equipment line to include gas ranges, ovens, and more powerful and energy efficient pasta cookers. Desco USA still maintains the same dedication to high quality products, but now independently provides equipment suited to the specific needs of the American market. As we merge Italian manufacturing standards with American power, we continue to offer the restaurant industry the best equipment in its class.